Catalan Cured Cold Meats 

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Payés sausage, cured and ready to eat (150 g)

A natural product with a very balanced taste. Made with pork that has been marinated with spices and cured for 2 to 3 months.

5,54 €
Andreu artisan “Fuet”, complete piece, approx. 180 g

“Fuet”, also known as “espetec”, is a traditional delicatessen in Catalonian cuisine, which is usually served with bread and tomato.

6,50 €
"Didalets de secallona", 200 g of mild taste in an innovative format

Thanks to their size, the didalets are perfect as a snack.

10,80 €
"Prim de Gla", made with pieces of Bellota Iberian meat (120 g)

"Prim de Gla" is born from the perfect combination of two products: the "somalla", a traditional Catalonian dish, and cuttings from the Bellota Iberian Shoulder Ham, making it our star product.

6,25 €
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