Gift box. Acorn-fed 100% iberian Shoulder Ham, 5 kg. Artisan production.

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    This traditionally crafted ham has been made following an artisan curing process for over 2 years in natural cellars and drying facilities, making it the perfect gift.

    • gluten free
    • lactose free

    he Bellota Iberian Ham has oleic acids similar to olive oil, in addition to proteins, vitamin B, iron, calcium, zinc, phosphorus, magnesium and very few calories.

    The piece is presented in a very special box that is handmade by Catalonian artisans. The combination of dark green and gold makes for a very elegant gift presentation.

    Box measurements:

      86 X 7 X 12

    Acorn-fed 100% iberian Shoulder Ham, 5 kg aprox

    Ingredients Acorn-fed 100% Iberian pork shoulder ham, salt, preservative agent and antioxidant.
    allergens None
    Nutritional value
    Energy 1723KJ/412Kcal
    Fat 32g
    Saturated fat 11g
    Carbohydrate 0,8g
    Sugar 0,3g
    Protein 30g
    Salt 3,5g