1.5 Kg pack from the centre of the Bellota Iberian shoulder ham. An exclusive box with the best of the shoulder ham.

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    1.5 kilos of the most popular and juiciest part of the shoulder ham. Its own fat protects it during the curing process.

    • gluten free
    • lactose free

    This box contains:

    10 vacuum-sealed 150 g sachets.

    Although the salting and curing process is the same as for ham, shoulder ham requires less curing time because the piece is lighter. Its aroma is less complex than that of hind-leg ham, but it has a stronger taste. 

    To enjoy it in the best possible way, it is essential for the ham to be at room temperature and out of its original packaging.

    Ingredients Acorn-fed Iberian shoulder ham, salt, preservative and anti-oxidant agents
    allergens None
    Nutritional value
    Energy 1723KJ/412Kcal
    Fat 32g
    Saturated fat 11g
    Carbohydrate 0,8g
    Sugar 0,3g
    Protein 30g
    Salt 3,5g