Pack of 750g of Andreu Shoulder Ham, an exquisite delight

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    In 5 separate sachets with different tastes of our shoulder ham

    To enjoy the tastes and contrasts found in the same piece of Iberian ham, fed in open pasture lands.

    • gluten free
    • lactose free

    This box includes:

    3 packs of the central section of the shoulder ham

    1 pack of shoulder ham (the most cured)

    1 pack of ham shavings

    Our Bellota hams are the result of a lengthy production process with artisan and traditional methods, from the selection of the breed to the curing, via outdoor grazing.

    It is advisable to take it out of the sachet 1/2 hour before use and enjoying it at room temperature.

    Ingredients Andreu shoulder ham, salt, preservative and anti-oxidant agents.
    allergens None
    Nutritional value
    Energy 1723KJ/412Kcal
    Fat 32g
    Saturated fat 11g
    Carbohydrate 0,8g
    Sugar 0,3g
    Protein 30g
    Salt 3,5g