Pack Andreu peça sencera

Pack Andreu peça sencera

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    Authentic Bellota shoulder ham sliced in convenient sachets and ready to eat whenever you please.

    The best option when travelling or to enjoy sporadically.

    Ingredients Paletilla: Acorn-fed Iberian shoulder ham, salt, preservative and anti-oxidant agents.
    Ingredients Chorizo: Magro de cerdo Ibérico de Bellota, sal, pimentón, ajo y azúcar.
    Ingredients Lomo de cerdo Ibérico de Bellota, sal, especias, azúcar, antioxidante y conservadores.
    Ingredients Picos: WHEAT FLOUR, water, olive oil, salt, Canarian improver, biological yeast.
    Ingredients Picos: HARINA DE TRIGO, agua, aceite de oliva, sal, mejorante canario, levadura biológica.
    allergens Paletilla: None.Picos: Gluten