Pine ham holder lacquered in walnut colour

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    Crafted in walnut-colour lacquered Chilean pine wood, with black iron fixings and chromed steel skewers.

    This ham holder is perfect to keep the piece in place and slice through the meat easily. This and a long sharp knife are all the tools you need to get the perfect cut.


    A perfect cut, an exceptional pleasure

    To enjoy the fullness of the flavour and quality of the ham, follow our experts’ conservation and cutting instructions:

    There are 2 correct ways to place the piece in the ham holder: with the hoof downwards or upwards.

    If you are going to take a long time to eat it, start cutting with the hoof facing downwards, so you are cutting the slimmest area of the piece (this is the section with the least amount of fat, so it dries out quickly).

    Once you've reached the bone, turn the piece around, and you will be able to enjoy the juicier area that is covered by a thicker layer of fat. This is where you’ll find the best cuts.

    It is advisable to cut the piece into very thin length-wise slices, from the hoof to the point, cutting through the entire surface.

    To avoid affecting the taste of the piece, remember to cut off the yellowish fat. The larger slices from the outside should be used to protect and cover the cutting surface.