The first and foremost obligation of our company Establiments Andreu is to ensure the safety of all our products so that they can be consumed in perfect safety conditions. They preserve their organoleptic and nutritional properties intact, thus meeting the highest standards of quality and trust guaranteed by our brand.

Food safety is the result of many factors, including the use of self-monitoring programmes and other preventative procedures foreseen in the Codex Alimentarius, created in 1963 by the FAO and the WHO to develop and unify regulations on international food trade. Its influence extends to every continent, and its contribution to the protection of consumer health is immeasurable.

Establiments Andreu is covered by the General Health Register, which governs the whole process of handling, production and distribution following the criteria set out by the Public Health Agency. We are committed to strictly complying with all national and international existing regulations on hygiene, food safety and nutrition.

All our units operate according to quality procedures based on the Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point System (HACCP) regularly verified by external audits conducted by specialized companies. They provide us with an essential momentum for continuous improvement and are essential to ensure quality and food safety in our products.

We also have a Cleanroom where we handle the items, fillet them, and vacuum-pack them in optimal conditions, reducing contamination to negligible levels. 


General health registry: ES  40.1524/B  CE

All our hams and shoulder hams are certified by CALICER PI/0544/12.

Our third-party auditing company is ALITEC.