"Andreu Gastronomia des de 1930" is an 90-year-old family food business. From its creation, in 1930, our desire has been to satisfy the client’s needs. We have evolved and adapted to many changes, but there is a word that has been passed down from one generation to the next: Quality, in terms of product, presentation and image, as well as quality in service, customer care, and especially dealing with people.



On 2 February 1930, Miquel Andreu Barberà, the son of traditional traders from Terrassa, opened the doors to an olives and preserves stand at the New Central Market in Sabadell.

Shortly afterwards, in 1934, they started selling high-quality deli meats: local sweet ham and cured ham.

In 1968, Manel Andreu, Miquel’s son, took over the family business, and one year later he started a daring design change, transforming the stand into what was called a “granja” (which means farm in Spanish), featuring a bar where they served sandwiches, coffee, drinks ... They also started focusing on product presentation and the design of the uniforms.

In 1988, one of his children - Josep Andreu - took over the business and still is the manager.

In 1994, we raised the curtain on a new epoch: we opened a new shop at the "Rebost de l’Illa Diagonal" (Barcelona), with a highly specialised line of quality products and focusing on their star product: Bellota Iberian Ham.

And, as a pioneering concept, we included a tasting bar. Following this line, in 1996 we opened a new shop at the St. Cugat Shopping Mall and one at “GV2” in 2002.

This same year, we opened the doors to the first street level shop defining a new concept: "Tastets de la Xarcuteria” offers you the chance to choose products from an extensive menu, to enjoy them in the shop or take them away. We also started working on a new store concept, bringing customers more into the limelight, getting closer to them without any hiccoughs. We want your purchases to be the best gift for your taste buds.

In 2009 we opened a new store model, this time at La Roca Village, where we brought deli meats into the restaurant, providing a complete service from the product to the table. We also included a new initiative in all our shops: "Dit i Fet" (Said and Done), a practical and fast shopping service.

In 2015, as part of the 85th anniversary of the company, Andreu opened a new shop on the Rambla Catalunya (Barcelona), consolidating the new restaurant concept, with more complex dishes and a completely renewed design.

In 2016 we decided to go even further with a new online shop marketing our Bellota Iberian Ham and making it available for customers who don’t have an Andreu shop nearby or who live abroad.




PEOPLE ARE OF THE UTMOST IMPORTANCE TO US. Right from the start, our grandparents gave us certain principles and values, which we have carried on throughout these 89 years: honesty, sincerity, respect, tolerance, hard work, ongoing improvement ... in addition to a great amount of enthusiasm and taking pride in work well done.