"Didalets de secallona", 200 g of mild taste in an innovative format

    10,80 €
    42,68 € per kg

    Thanks to their size, the didalets are perfect as a snack.

    • gluten free

    Vacuum packed, 200 g.

    The didalets have been cut and spiced following our signature traditional formula and follow a gradual curing process that creates edible natural flora.

    The name comes from their size and shape, reminiscent of a thimble.

    We recommend storing them outside of the packaging, in a non-airtight container.


    Ingredients Pork meat, salt, WINE, MILK PROTEIN, LACTOSE, dextrine, sugar, spices and fine herbs, anti-oxidants, preservative and colouring.
    allergens wine, milk protein, lactose
    Nutritional value
    Energy 1980KJ/477Kcal
    Fat 38.8g
    Saturated fat 13.1g
    Carbohydrate 0,5g
    Sugar 0,4g
    Protein 32g
    Salt 3,75g