Payés sausage, cured and ready to eat (150 g)

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    • Top quality

    A natural product with a very balanced taste. Made with pork that has been marinated with spices and cured for 2 to 3 months.

    • gluten free

    150 g of thinly sliced payés sausage, vacuum-packed.

    The main difference between fuet and payés sausage lies in the measurement and the thickness. The latter is longer and thicker (although not as thick as salami) which makes it easier to cut thinner slices.

    Remember that you shouldn’t eat deli meats cold, since this makes them lose part of their taste. 


    Ingredients Lean pork and pork belyl, salt, LACTOSE, POWDERED MILK, stabilising agent, antioxidants, CASEIN, white pepper, anise, dextrose, preservative agents and flavouring agents.
    allergens Lactose, powdered milk, casein.
    Nutritional value
    Energy 1700KJ/406Kcal
    Fat 30.05g
    Saturated fat 11.1g
    Carbohydrate 5.2g
    Sugar 3.1g
    Protein 30.8g
    Salt 4.02g